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Powerball Results, Data and Analysis

The Powerball.us web site is divided into three major sections - Powerball data and analysis, Powerball tools, and Powerball information.

This Powerball data and analysis section presents the draw-day results with prominent analysis so far, past winning numbers, numbers frequency, analysis, and history. The following are brief descriptions of each part.

  • Daily Details
    These pages contain detailed information on Powerball jackpot amount, jackpot and second prize winner states, number checker, numbers statistics and analysis up to the selected date. The daily details pages are available from January 2010 to the latest draw date of Wednesday, April 16, 2014, and you can select the desired date from a calendar.

  • Past Winning Numbers
    The past winning numbers from 1992 to 2014 are listed on a yearly basis and each page contains the numbers as well as the estimated annuity jackpots for each draw. The draws where the jackpot has been won are distinctly marked. For draws later than 1998, the states where the winner jackpot tickets are sold are also listed with the number of winners in each state. For 2010 and later years, the number of second prize winning tickets are also included.

  • Yearly Numbers Analysis
    Yearly frequency (times drawn) of Powerball numbers from 1992 to 2014 are analyzed on each page. These pages contain the frequency of each Powerball regular number (white-ball numbers) as well as the "Power Ball" (red-ball or extra ball) numbers. The data are presented in tabular form as well as in chart form. Both forms can be sorted either by number or by frequency.

  • Numbers Analysis
    The Powerball numbers analysis identifies numbers that have not been drawn for a long time, the record draws that a number hasn't shown up (record skip), and back-to-back draws history of each number. Late and very late numbers, overall record skip, lowest and highest back-to-back draws, more than two back-to-back draws are identified.

  • Numbers History
    The Numbers History pages display on a calendar the draws where a number is drawn throughout its life-span. Here you can visually see distribution a number's history with its back-to-back draws and skips.

  • Numbers Frequency
    The frequency of all Powerball numbers are presented both in a table and a bar chart. The most and the least frequently drawn Powerball numbers can easily be identified since both the table and the chart can be sorted by the desired quantities. We have also introduced a parameter called the Relative Frequency as a factor that compares all the numbers irrespective of matrix changes undergone by Powerball. The frequency analysis is performed both for all 2298 draws as well as for the 554 current matrix draws (since January 07, 2009). Use the supplied button to switch from one to the other.

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