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Latest Powerball Numbers Analysis

The Powerball numbers analysis involves identifying numbers that have not been drawn for a long time, the record draws that a number hasn't shown up (record skip), and back-to-back draws history of each number. The other important part of a lottery analysis, namely, numbers frequency, is handled on its own separate page.

The most important part of this analysis is the "Last Seen" (or "Skipping Now"), which represents how many draws ago a number was last drawn. It can also be described as the number of draws a number is skipping right now, or for how many draws a number has not shown up. The descriptions of all the data can be found further below.

The analysis is performed both for the regular 5 numbers and the one Extra (Powwer Ball, or Red Ball) number, and the results are listed in two separate tables.

All DataLatest Result
From :4/22/1992
To : 4/16/2014
Draws : 2298
Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Analysis of Regular Numbers

Last Seen165545941124211354110911423429
Record Skip5561785152476177505348744468749158555680
Last B2B288812731264426811078272252703613111286134665210
Last Seen34811131562613711301618105030
Record Skip5458585371628959546866495955915372574055
Last B2B1338114176416553106973253328378782561263468018850
Last Seen6080171132243918411311870
Record Skip58604443627164735376475275547742554538
Last B2B11916526441667122310648305177113601523314228162
Highlights from the Table
Very late: 4,6,16,46,50; Late: 20,29,40,56
Overall record skip = 91 by 16,35; Breaking skip record now:16,46
Lowest back-to-back = 3 by 59; Highest back-to-back = 33 by 26
Highlights from Numbers History
Numbers drawn in 3 consecutive draws : 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,34,35,36,37,38,40,41,42,43,45,46,47,48,49,50,55,56
Numbers drawn in 4 consecutive draws : 3,7,11,19,28,31,33,52
Numbers drawn in 5 consecutive draws : 16

You can click on a number on the above table to see that number's history

Analysis of Extra Ball Numbers

Last Seen18141715547821091067118138786531121
Record Skip143128164212180106250101137164226222138155210155160167177194
Last B2B-212-39619241702-429160817452292961580199-3076037341784-
Last Seen62830425973655211114326516132
Record Skip146241171293282178198392169254151168204177338
Last B2B151247571553251166196-237310071470362-132
Highlights from the Table
Very late: 12,31,35; Late: 6,16,26
Overall record skip = 392 by 28; Breaking skip record now:none
Lowest back-to-back = 0 by 1,3,7,15,20,28,34; Highest back-to-back = 5 by 14
Highlights from Numbers History

You can click on a number on the above table to see the that number's history

The rows in the above two tables are:

  • Number. Just note that you can click on a number to see its detailed history.
  • Last Seen (or Skipping Now) rows represent how many draw have elapsed since the number was last drawn. The latest numbers will have a value of 0. Each Powerball regular number is expected to show up every 11 to 12 draws; we have arbitrarily chosen numbers not drawn for more than twice and three time this period to be late and very late (shown in yellow and red), respectively. Depending on your browser, you may place your mouse over these values to see the last draw dates.
  • Record skip, as the name suggests, is the highest number of draws skipped by that number. If the "Last Seen" and "Record skip" values are equal, then the record is being broken right now for that number. The overall record skip is the highest of all and will be computed "Highlights" section.
  • Back-to-Back counts how many times a number is drawn in consecutive draws. This includes all 2, 3, 4, etc., consecutive draws. Note that 3 consecutive draws are counted as two back-to-back, the same goes for higher consecutive draws.
  • Last B2B is the draws since the last back-to-back draw. Placing mouse over the values displays the date of the last back-to-back draw.

At end we have extracted some prominent highlights from the table, as well as from Numbers History pages.

Note that the data on this page are in a non-sortable tabular form. If you want to see charts and sortable listings you may look at the "SN" (Skipping Now), "SR" (Skip Record), and "BB" (Back to Back) columns of the daily results page for the latest (last) date.

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