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Powerball Yearly Numbers Analysis from 1992 to 2014

Yearly summary of frequency of Powerball numbers from 1992 to the current year (so far) are available. Just select the year you are interested in from the following list.

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What to expect on the yearly numbers analysis pages

These pages contain the frequency of each Powerball regular number (white-ball numbers) as well as the "Power Ball" (red-ball or extra ball) numbers.

The data are presented in tabular form as well as in chart form. Both forms can be sorted either by number or by frequency (times drawn). Sorting by frequency allows the user to identify the most and least frequently drawn Powerball numbers for that year. The average frequency for the year is also computed to allow you identify how each number is drawn close to (or not) the expected frequency.

Note that since some years could be 'change of matrix years', the higher numbers may not be fairly compared to low numbers for that year. So, it is advisable to check if there is a change of matrix in that year.

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