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The Powerball.us web site is divided into three major sections - Powerball data and analysis, Powerball tools, and Powerball information.

This Powerball information section presents the draw-day results with prominent analysis so far, past winning numbers, numbers frequency, analysis, and history. The following are brief descriptions of each part.

  • Prizes and odds
    The current and previous prize structures of Powerball are listed together with the odds of matching all or some of the numbers. The changes made on the new format as opposed to the old one are also highlighted.

  • Powerball States
    This page constitutes the list of US states that currently play the Powerball lottery game. Also, the date the state joined the game, the number of draws it has partcipated in the game, the percent of the total draws (2299 so far) that it has participated in, the time to claim prizes and the state tax are listed for each state.

  • Yearly Big Winner States
    Yearly Powerball jackpot winner states from 1998 and also second prize winner states from 1992to the present are listed for each year.

  • Jackpot Draws List
    This and the next part deal with jackpots only. In both cases we have extracted only the jackpot winning draws. The Jackpot Draws List tabulates the jackpot draw dates, the jackpot winning numbers, the states where the winning tickets were sold and the jackpot ammounts. Also, after how many rollovers it is won are listed.

  • Jackpot Draws Calendar
    Here, the distribution of jackpot draws are displayed on a calendar for visual observation.

  • Jackpot Stats
    In the Powerball Jackpot Stats page, you'll find a list of the top historical jackpot amounts. You will also find some stats such as the state that won the most jackpots and second prizes, the states that never won jackpots since 1998, the total jackpot money won, and so on.

  • Winner States
    The Powerball Jackpot and Second Prize Winner States page tabulates, for each state, the number of jackpots won, the total amount won in the state, the life-span of the state as a Powerball member, and the total second prize winners in the state. The ranking of the states by the total amount won, and by the number of second prize winners is also presented on two respective bar charts.

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