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Powerball States

The map shows the states where Powerball is currently played. Until recently, California was the only 'lottery state' where Powerball was not played. But, now all 'lottery state' play Powerball. Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming do not play any lottery game.

You can click on a Powerball state to be directed to that state's Powerball page. For DC click here.

The states that play the US Powerball lottery game are listed below, together with the date the state joined the game, the number of draws it has partcipated in the game, and the Draws % - percent of the total draws (2299 so far). And for winners, the time to claim prizes and the state tax. Note that a Federal Tax of 25% will also be withheld for winnings exceding a certain amount.

StateJoinedDrawsDraws %Claim periodstate tax
Arizona (AZ)1994, Apr 4209591.1% 5%
Arkansas (AR)2009, Oct 3147020.4%180 days 7%
California (CA)2013, Apr 131104.8% 0%
Colorado (CO)2001, Aug 4101744.2% 4%
Connecticut (CT)1995, Nov 28192383.6%180 days 6.7%
Delaware (DE)1991, Jan 142299100.0%1 year 0%
District Of Columbia (DC)1987, Sep 162299100.0%1 year 8.5%
Florida (FL)2009, Jan 455624.2%180 days 0%
Georgia (GA)2010, Jan 3142718.6%180 days 6%
Idaho (ID)1990, Feb 12299100.0%180 days 7.8%
Illinois (IL)2010, Jan 3142718.6%1 year 5%
Indiana (IN)1990, Oct 142299100.0% 3.4%
Iowa (IA)1987, Sep 1642718.6%1 year 5%
Kansas (KS)1987, Sep 162299100.0%180 days 5%
Kentucky (KY)1991, Jan 102299100.0%180 days 6%
Louisiana (LA)1995, Mar 5199987.0%180 days 5%
Maine (ME)2004, Jul 31101844.3%1 year 5%
Maryland (MD)2010, Jan 3142718.6%182 days 9.25%
Massachusetts (MA)2010, Jan 3142718.6%1 year 5%
Michigan (MI)2010, Jan 3142718.6%1 year 4.35%
Minnesota (MN)1990, Aug 142299100.0%1 year 7.25%
Missouri (MO)1987, Oct 162299100.0%180 days 4%
Montana (MT)1989, Nov 92299100.0%Six months 6.9%
Nebraska (NE)1994, Jul 21206589.8%180 days 5%
New Hampshire (NH)1995, Nov 5192983.9%1 year 0%
New Jersey (NJ)2010, Jan 3142718.6%1 year 10.8%
New Mexico (NM)1996, Oct 20182279.3%90 days 6%
New York (NY)2010, Jan 3142718.6%1 year 8.97%
North Carolina (NC)2006, May 3082736.0%180 days 7%
North Dakota (ND)2004, Mar 27105445.8%180 days 5.54%
Ohio (OH)2010, Apr 1642218.4%180 days 6%
Oklahoma (OK)2006, Jan 1486637.7%180 days 4%
Oregon (OR)1987, Sep 162299100.0%1 year 8%
Pennsylvania (PA)2002, Jun 29123653.8%1 year 0%
Rhode Island (RI)1987, Sep 162299100.0%1 year 7%
South Carolina (SC)2002, Oct 9120752.5%180 days 7%
South Dakota (SD)1990, Nov 152299100.0%180 days 0%
Tennessee (TN)2004, Apr 21104745.5%180 days 0%
Texas (TX)2010, Jan 3142718.6%180 days 0%
Vermont (VT)2003, Jul 2113149.2%1 year 6%
Virginia (VA)2010, Jan 3142718.6%180 days 4%
Virgin Islands (VI)2002, Nov 16119652.0% %
Washington (WA)2010, Jan 3142718.6%180 days 0%
West Virginia (WV)1987, Sep 162299100.0%180 days 6.5%
Wisconsin (WI)1989, Aug 102299100.0%180 days 7.75%

The full list of jackpot draws page lists all Powerball draws with the winner states. The jackpot stats page extracts some interesting statistics such as top Powerball jackpots, highest winning states, states that never won Powerball jackpots, total jackpot prize won, maximum rollover.

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