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PowerBall results, information and analysis
for May 19, 2012

Powerball Winning numbers for 5/19/2012
8 13 35 46 51 PB 30

Jackpot and 2nd Prize Information for 5/19/2012

Jackpot Amount for 5/19/2012

  • Annuity : $100.0M
  • Cash : $63.8M

Jackpot Winners for 5/19/2012

  • none
  • Rollover # 7

2nd Prize Winners for 5/19/2012
$1,0000,000 with PP; $200,000 without PP

  • 1 winner in Texas
Total = 1

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Powerball Numbers Analysis for Draw of May 19, 2012

Analysis of Powerball Winning Numbers of 5/19/2012

Last Appearance and Frequency of the Winning Numbers
Number 8 13 35 46 51   30
Last Draw     ?  5 12 2 9 8   18
Relative Frequency   ?  100 101 109 91 102   87
Drawn back to back: none
From the last 5 draws: 8,35
Were(was) late: none
Within 5% of the expected frequency: 8,13,51

Analysis of All Powerball Numbers performed on 5/19/2012

2096 Total Draws
352 Current Matrix Draws
Click on a column heading to sort by that value
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  • No = Number
  • FA = Frequency for All Draws
  • RA = Relative Frequency for All Draws
  • FC = Frequency for Current Matrix
  • RC = Relative Frequency for Current Matrix
  • SN = Skipping Now
  • SL = Skipped before its Last Draw
  • SR = Record Skip
  • BB = Back-to-back Draws
Brief Summary
Sorted by Number
Low End : 1,2,3,4,5,...
High End : 59,58,57,56,55,...

PB Numbers

Click on a column heading to sort by that value
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Brief Summary for PB numbers
Sorted by Number
Low End : 1,2,3,4,5,...
High End : 35,34,33,32,31,...

Description and Instructions

The Powerball numbers analysis presents data both on a table and a chart. The chart output can be viewed only after selecting a specific data item and clicking on the "Show Bar Chart" button. Keep in mind that the analysis is performed on 5/19/2012 and may not be the latest depending on when you are looking it. Analysis for any other draw day from January 2010 can be selected on the calendar at the top right of this page.

The data are initially arranged by the numbers, in descending order. You may click on one of the column headings (FA, RA, FC, etc.) to arrange them by the values of that column. For example, clicking on "FA" arranges all the data by the "Frequency for All Draws", that is the number of times each Powerball number is drawn in all 2096 draws so far. This will place the least frequently drawn Powerball numbers at the top, and the most frequently drawn at the bottom. The 'brief summary' on the right lists the first 5 and the last 5 as 'Low End' and 'High End' values, respectively.

Once you have selected a heading, you can also see the Powerball data on a bar chart by clicking on the button at the bottom of the table. Obviously, graphical representations will give you a visual idea of how the values are close and/or far from each other. The bar charts can be arranged by number or by value.

Now, let's describe the significance of the data. Examining the Powerball frequency for all draws will reveal that higher Powerball numbers are drawn significantly fewer times than lower numbers. This is because of subsequent matrix changes in Powerball which started as 5/45 + 1/45 game and is now (today 5/19/2012) a 5/59 + 1/35 game. The "Relative Frequency for All Draws" (RA) takes care of this discrepancy by taking into consideration the life span of a number in addition to the number of times drawn. It is also an indication of how far a number is drawn below or above its expectations. A Relative frequency value of 100 or close to 100 implies that the number is drawn the expected number of times. Thus, higher and lower values indicate most frequently drawn and least frequently drawn Powerball numbers, respectively. On the bar chart we have shown in black those numbers within 5% of the expected draws; in green are those with higher values, and in red those with lower values.

In addition, we have listed both the total frequency and the Relative Frequency for the current Powerball matrix (5/59 + 1/35), denoted by FC and RC. There are 352 draws of the current matrix so far. Note that for analysis purposes, we will consider the last two matrices (5/59 + 1/35) and (5/59 + 1/39) as the current matrix since the difference is only in the PB numbers.

The next three columns deal with skips. The "Skipping Now" (SN) values indicate how many draws a Powerball number has not been seen (until this draw). It may also be called "Last Seen" since the value is exactly how many draws have elapsed since a number's last appearance. The Powerball numbers drawn today have an SN value of 0, while the highest values belong to long-time-no-see Powerball numbers. In the bar chart, yellow indicates late Powerball numbers, red very late, and green nearly as expected.

The "Skipped before its Last Draw" (SL) is the draws that a Powerball number skipped when it was draw last. A value of 0 indicates that the number was drawn back-to-back on its last appearance. If "Skipped before its Last Draw" (SL) and "Skipping Now" (SN) are both 0, it means that the number is drawn back-to-back on this latest draw (on 5/19/2012).

"Record Skip" (SR) is just that; the longest time a Powerball number had disappeared. If both SR and SN have the same value, it means that the number is breaking its record right now (on 5/19/2012).

Finally, "Back-to-back Draws" (BB) is how many times a Powerball number has been drawn back-to-back throughout it life time till this draw.

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