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Powerball Number-Combinations Search

The Combinations Search is a more powerful tool than the simple number search since it allows you to search a combination of Powerball numbers as well as pairs, triads, quads, etc. That is, you can select a few or several numbers to be checked. For example, you may select all even numbers to see if there were any past draws where all the winning numbers were all even. Moreover, you may also select pairs or triads, such as 1-2, or 10-20-30. A more detailed instruction is given further down.

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Although any match of the past results are listed, it does not mean that there are monetary rewards for matching them. Since Powerball had undergone several matrix changes as well as prize structure changes, we cannot list prize amounts associated with the matches. However, in most cases, only the 2 + 0 and 1 + 0 do not win anything while the others are somehow rewarded. Click here for the most recent Powerball prize tables.

As stated in the Terms Of Use of this web site, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the data and results presented here.

Usage Instructions

  • Click on 1 to 30 Powerball numbers on the upper panel and 1 to 35 Power Ball (extra red ball) numbers on the lower panel.

  • If you have clicked on a wrong number, just click it again to unselect it.

  • Then click the "SEARCH" button. All the past winning Powerball numbers that match one or more of your selected numbers will be listed in the "Results" panel. At the same time, the numbers entry panels will be cleared, ready to accept another set of numbers.

  • The results will be listed in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest. To group the numbers by winning category, click on the "List by winning group" button. This will list them into such groups as 5+1, 5+0, etc. To switch back to chronological listing, click on the same button whose caption has now changed to "List by date".

  • Under the heading "Filter" are buttons that list the number of matches of each category. Click on these buttons to remove the results of that category. For instance, you may remove the 2 + 0 and 1 + 0 matches since they are normally not money winners. You may add back the removed items using the same button. This feature is especially useful for mobile users which do not have the luxury of scrolling content containers.

  • Note that if you have played all the combinations of more than 5 regular and/or more than 1 extra ball numbers, each match is also associated with more matches of the rest of the combinations. For example, if you have played the 112 combinations of 8 regular numbers and 2 extra ball numbers, and if you find a "4 + 1" match, then your 112 tickets would have 4 tickets matching "4 + 1", 4 tickets matching "4 + 0", 24 tickets matching "3 + 1", 24 tickets matching "3 + 0", and so on. The detailed associated matches are listed inside the right box of the above table.

Although you can use this tool to search just five numbers plus the extra ball, the simple number search is better suited for that purpose. Also, you may generate your combinations with our Combinations Generator.

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